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All the latest journalism from the Rhodes TV3 class

Kingtits: A Wise Old Sage

Posted by Rogan On October - 19 - 2010

A short personal documentary by Rogan Kerr; exploring the ups and downs in the life of a student and how it always helps to have a friend there to pick you up… And they don’t come much quirkier than Kingtits.

The Father I Never Knew

Posted by Bradley On October - 15 - 2010

This documentary takes a look into my life growing up where I never had a father around as much as I would have liked. Together with the use of visuals of one of the hobbies we do togther this documentary takes you on a journey through the times when my dad was around and when he was not.

Keeping it between the poles

Posted by Kyle On October - 15 - 2010

This is my personal story about my journey from competitive school rugby through serious injury that set me back for years, putting me out of all sport. It has been a long process of rehabiliation after two major operations. Sport is such a big part of my life, and is a big part of my character. To be out of sport has challenged personally, and has made me a stronger character. I am now training to get back into rugby, but not for the same reasons I innitially had for playing the game. It is rather for me to prove to myself that I have what it takes to pick myself and come back even stronger.

Kyle Robinson

Two Passports, No Country

Posted by Sembene On October - 15 - 2010

A personal documentary about a family and it’s national identity (or lack thereof) in South Africa.

Country of Lost Souls

Posted by Daniel On October - 14 - 2010

A short documentary about being a white South African, and its implications for my identity as an African.

The Indian Angle

Posted by Paddy On November - 27 - 2009

Our documentary explores the perceptions people have and the stereotypes they naturally create when thinking about Indian people.  We investigate how true these stereotypes are at Rhodes University and reveal that there are in fact many exceptions to these racial and social structures we tend to create.  Sit back and enjoy this fast-paced documentary as it gives you an insight as to the ‘Indian Angle’. (By Paul Harris and Camalita Naicker)

Video Today

Raphael HIV testing and support CentreThe Raphael Centre located in Grahamstown, South Africa is a HIV/AIDS testing and support centre. Lately, though, this haven for people infected or affected by the virus has been rought by troubles. The future of the centre is uncertain as it needs sponsors to ensure it’s survival. Meanwhile other issues, like an objecting neighbour are also posing problems for the centre which helps over 1 000 people every month.