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Rohypnol:Date Rape Danger

Posted by Andy On May - 10 - 2010

RohypnolAndy rohynol thumbnail to use

This piece investigates the dangers of using rohynol as a date rape drug. We look at the medical use of the prescribed drug, as opposed to what it has unfortunately become predominately used as.We also look at whether or not there is a correlation between student’s drinking and the heightened risk of getting their drinks spiked.

The Tale Of G-Town Water

Posted by Bradley On April - 29 - 2010

Photo of James Kleinhans water treatment works

Photo of James Kleinhans water treatment works

There is nothing more disgusting then switching on the tap and some brown mud coughs out. Added to this is the fact that newspaper reports have gone out claiming deadly diseases and stating that Grahamstown water is not safe to drink. Well it is time to uncover the truth, so we went deep into the heart of the treatment works to try and solve the mystery. What are the problems? Where are the issues? What is being done? And what do the experts have to say?

Meat Market PSA

Posted by Paddy On November - 27 - 2009

Our assignment was to create a Public Service Announcement, and our group chose to target awareness surrounding the abuse and objectification of women, Our PSA is rather graphic, but we wanted to create a disturbing disjunction between the attractive women and the meat, making visual the common complaint that men treat women like pieces of meat.

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Children of the Soil

Posted by Paddy On November - 15 - 2009

A documentary on the stereotypes around people seen to be ‘traditional’ and practicing their traditions in the ‘modern city’ spaces in South Africa.

Teddy’s Funeral

Posted by Paddy On November - 15 - 2009

A Public Service Announcement for the Jabez AID’s center in Grahamstown highlighting the need for foster parents

Nuns pray for stronger communities

Posted by Paddy On October - 23 - 2009

 A four minute documentary on Mother Zelma and the Sistersof St. Peter’s Rectory in Grahamstown and how their lives and desire to help the needy has been adversely affected by crime

Video Today

Raphael HIV testing and support CentreThe Raphael Centre located in Grahamstown, South Africa is a HIV/AIDS testing and support centre. Lately, though, this haven for people infected or affected by the virus has been rought by troubles. The future of the centre is uncertain as it needs sponsors to ensure it’s survival. Meanwhile other issues, like an objecting neighbour are also posing problems for the centre which helps over 1 000 people every month.