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How to do a card trick in style

Posted by Paddy On May - 29 - 2009

Ever wanted to impress your friends with a card trick?

Click here to find out how & you’ll be a pro in no time!



How to make Jello Shots

Posted by Paddy On May - 28 - 2009

Follow these easy steps and you could be making jello-shots at your next party!!!

Driving a Golf Car is fun

Posted by Paddy On May - 27 - 2009

How to make Roza’s flippin kiff brownies

Posted by Paddy On May - 27 - 2009

This a lovely and simple recipe to make the best chocolate brownies you will ever have the privelege to taste. Trust me.

Health Warning: Excessive sugar, chocolate and addictive.

How 2… do laundry in res

Posted by Paddy On May - 27 - 2009

By Shanel Pillay

For all those who have forgotten… or just didn’t take notes the first time round.  Here is how to do laundry in res.

How to Recycle

Posted by Paddy On May - 27 - 2009

Take a quick look at this simple video on how to recycle.  By making a few easy changes to your daily refuse removal routine you can make the work of the rubbish sorters much easier.

Video Today

Raphael HIV testing and support CentreThe Raphael Centre located in Grahamstown, South Africa is a HIV/AIDS testing and support centre. Lately, though, this haven for people infected or affected by the virus has been rought by troubles. The future of the centre is uncertain as it needs sponsors to ensure it’s survival. Meanwhile other issues, like an objecting neighbour are also posing problems for the centre which helps over 1 000 people every month.