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Youth Crime in Grahamstown Townships

Posted by Paddy On October - 22 - 2009

We have gathered together these three clips to explain our experience as journalists in the local community. We gathered the first clip on our ‘mapping the area’ exercise which stipulated that we needed to pin-point the main problems with regards to crime in the area. We found out from numerous sources that most of the crime has been committed by the youth. The man we captured on film was a victim of crime in the area and agreed with the general consensus that it was the youth in the area causing the crime.
We hoped to attempt this project by constantly referring back to the foundations of public journalism. In all our pieces of work we used the afflicted parties to represent the issue in the area. We sought to use our journalism as a means of assisting the community. By this we produces a self defence project which is to carry on in the community to empower members of sun city and outlying areas against crime and violence.
The next clip is taken three weeks later and is of two teenagers who wanted to speak on camera. Our presence in the community was known by then and the boys knew why we were there. They sarcastically expressed their views of how they wanted to stop committing crime and how they were ready to change. It was all said in jest and the one guy even tried to kiss Mahreen.
We felt as if our project wasn’t reaching the community but then our hopes were uplifted by Janet, one of the community leaders at our community meeting. She said that she was grateful our project had come into her community and alerted them to the problems and possible solutions available to the members of the community. We thought we’d achieved some sort of success by joining with the community to provide a product with relevant important information for the community.

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