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Working with Citizen journalist Pamela Zondani

Posted by Duduetsang On May - 15 - 2010

Woman to woman: Pamela telling Busi’s story

Working with Pamela Zondani was a very enriching and fun process. Not only did we get a chance to extend our knowledge of TV journalism but we got a chance to pass it onto her. We did not have many problems and for the most part it was smooth sailing. However as any other TV project there were some technical issues along the way. The first problem we encountered was when converting our 10 second video into a wmv from an avi so that we could upload it to the inetrnet. Decpite this we still managed to show Pamela how to do it properly. On the Filming side of the process the most frustrating problem was that of enough memory. Pamela constantly had a problem with memory on her phone. We did manage to solve this by getting her to bluetooth her sequences to either Dudu or me. All in all we were not faced with many problems and we found this experience an enjoyable one. We taught Pamela the basics of filmimg, editing and uploading onto the net and ventured of with her to film her stories.

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