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Malema not allowed to come to Rhodes…SASCO

Posted by Paddy On April - 2 - 2009

The ANCYL President Julius Malema is making headlines all-over the country lately. His ‘controversial’ statements put him in the spotlight. This time around he was said to come and address Rhodes students, staff and Grahamstown community at large. People came in droves and we were there too to listen to ANCYL president delivering his talk. He never showed up and SASCO representatives cited Rhodes Management as the ones who did not allow Malema to come. This sparked an angery response from Student Services Officer Larissa Klazinga who said that SASCO was lying that Rhodes did not allow Malema to come. There was an exchange of rather harsh words between Klazinga and the ANC Loyalists due to the fact that after the talk by Bhuti Manamela there was no question and answer session as expected.

 The Gender Action Project (GAP) representatives attended the rally with clear intentions that they would challenge everything to be said in the rally. And at some stage there was a clash between ANC loyalists and those who stand for women right issues in conjuction with GAP. The activists were also not happy with the way they were treated at this rally. These activists were holding up placards with statements that have been said by ANC President Jacob Zuma and ANCYL President Julius Malema.

However, the rally continued with Bhuti Manamela Young Communist League Secretary-General addressing the crowd Click for audio download   [\podcast]. Before Manamela could begin his talk the crowd was kept entertained by a group performing on stage. The hall was full to capacity and also outside the hall there were people in large numbers anticipating the arrival of Malema.

As reperters we could have taken any angle  for the story as there was so much happening in there. And due to time constraints we could not include all that happened in the rally. However, you can have a look at some inserts that were filmed during this ANC rally bellow…

Click bellow for the story

 Click bellow for more on GAPs President views


 Click bellow to view the performance…


 Bellow is the discontent activist…

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