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Posted by Paddy On April - 2 - 2009

                                                         GET HOME SAFE PROJECT – MORE DETAIL BELOW

You may have watched  our video on the Get home safe project.

NOTICE: We are pleased to announce that the GHS project is now up and running.

The “Get Home Safe” Project is brought to you by the Dean of Students’. It is an initiative that has been in the pipe-line for the better part of 2 years and is finally ready to get ‘on the road!’

“Get Home Safe” is an initiative that encourages students to take responsibility and to plan their leisure activities so that they do not place themselves in vulnerable positions. It is a proactive venture aimed to provide a ‘safety net’ for students, and promotes the idea that students should be responsible about their personal safety and alcohol consumption. While the ‘Get Home Safe’ vehicle will be a free service to all registered Rhodes students, it is definitely not a taxi – it is a last resort safety precaution when students find themselves in danger. There will be an educational intervention with those students who make excessive use of the service. Students are reminded to be responsible for themselves before we have to be responsible for them.

The soul of “Get Home Safe” is the 12 dedicated, enthusiastic student drivers who make up the GHS Team. The 6 male and 6 female students were selected from a great number of applicants (an indication of the level of support this initiative already has in the student community) and have been briefed and trained and are ready to go! The attached GHS brochure, poster and press release have all the information you need, in a nut shell!

For further information contact the Project Co-ordinator, Ms Pamela Pierce, in the Dean of Students’ office

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