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All the latest journalism from the Rhodes TV3 class

Inspector Williams

Posted by Ayushi On May - 22 - 2010

This is a profile on Grahamstown Inspector Williams.She is passionate about her job and is proud to be one of the few female inspectors in the male dominated field.She has been successful in striking the right balance between home and work

When Hunger Strikes

Posted by Zikhona On May - 10 - 2010

This is a profile which goes into the life of one of the Grahamstown Steers employees who is responsible for taking the many food orders that are made everyday.

When Hunger Strikes

Posted by Zikhona On May - 9 - 2010

When Hunger Strikes

When hunger strikes and dinning hall food isnt an option students opt for take outs. This goes into the life of one of those Steers employers who takes the many food orders that are taken everyday.

Homeless students

Posted by Daniel On April - 29 - 2010

This story deals with a major miscommunication between students, estate agents and builders which led to some Rhodes having to live on the street, while their homes were still being built.

The Hangover

Posted by Paddy On November - 27 - 2009

A Public Service Announcement in conjunction with the Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use (ARA).  We explored the dangers of alcohol abuse from a students pespective and how everything can go so wrong, so quickly.  The use and enjoyment of alcohol is not just fun and games.  A culture of responsibility needs to be re-created amongst our generation.  Our PSA was entered into the Mnet Vuka Awards this year where we placed in the top 30 for the students category.

Watch the PSA – here or on the Mnet VUKA awards

Malema dupes Rhodes!

Posted by Paddy On April - 2 - 2009



This story about Julius Malema’s first visit to Rhodes campus caused quite a stir. People thought it was a rumour at first but then as soon as posters  were put up confirming the arrival of the ANC Youth League leader, people started to believe.

There were concerns that the event would be too big for Rhodes Campus Security and Grahamstown police to handle, with many saying that it could turn into a rally, with COPE and ANC supporteres clashing. The event was scheduled to be held at the Rhodes General Lecture Theatre which proved to be an unwise choice as it was too small to host the number of people that were expected to come. Students and lecturers alike were left stranded outside the venue as the GLT was filled to capacity. As journalist, we also found it difficult to get inside with security being very stringent on the amount of people allowed into the venue. We eventually did get inside because we pitched up quiet early and decided to set up our camera befoe the evnet had got under way.

Filming inside the actual venue was a diffucult process. We knew the venue would be packed with people: students, lecturers, journalists of all the kinds. There was hardly a clear space to even set up our tripod to get the visulas we wanted for the story. There was a constant movement of people up and down the aisles and people dancing everywhere, that getting good, quality visuals became quite tricky. The great thing though about a small venue with many people is the feeling of being close to the action. You are able to concentrate on indivulas as well as the group with ease. There was hardly a person we were unable to talk to. Everyone was accessible.

The man of the hour however, the one everyone had come to see, was a no-show. There were rumours swirling around that he had done this before on other campuses. There would be advertisements plugging his arrival, only for him not to show up. This had happened at UCT and UKZN, and many students were not surprised that he did not pitch. The fact that he did not come then became the story angle. It was just as juicy a story as one had he pitched. the various parties that were bringing various excuses as too why he was not there also proved interesting, with Rhodes admin and the ANC having a go at each other about him not arriving.

The final story proved to dfficult to edit as various subplots within the story could have been further expolored: the protest by the GAP members, the young dance group that encouraged people to vote for the ANC, the talk given by Young Commiunist League General Secretary, Bhuti Manamela, the small venue which left many disappointed people still waiting outside… I could go on. But ultimately the focus was on the non-arrival of Malema which proved to be the big selling point.

Video Today

Raphael HIV testing and support CentreThe Raphael Centre located in Grahamstown, South Africa is a HIV/AIDS testing and support centre. Lately, though, this haven for people infected or affected by the virus has been rought by troubles. The future of the centre is uncertain as it needs sponsors to ensure it’s survival. Meanwhile other issues, like an objecting neighbour are also posing problems for the centre which helps over 1 000 people every month.